An Illustrated Catalog of the Neotropic Arctiinae Types in by Allan Watson

By Allan Watson

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Amaxia consistens Schaus A. W. " Ammalo constellata Dognin PLATES 186; 23Id Ammalo constellata Dognin, 1909, p. 221. 5 mm. Head, thorax, and abdomen greyish brown and light yellow. Hindwing pale yellow and light greyish brown. Abdomen dorsally light yellow with pair of medial greyish brown markings on 4 and 5; ventrally light yellow. Described from a single female from San Antonio, Colombia. ; Type No. ; Ammalo constellata Dogn. type 9 , Hmpsn. ; Arctiidae genitalia slide no. AW246; Holotype $ Ammalo constellata Dognin A.

Guiana; Type No. ; 1281a Automolis crocopera Schs. type cT ; Arctiidae genitalia slide no. AW191; Holotype cf Automolis crocopera Schaus A. W. " SMITHSONIAN CONTRIBUTIONS TO ZOOLOGY Neritos cucufas Schaus PLATES 13a; 101c, d Neritos cucufas Schaus, 1924, p. 30. 0 mm. Front of head greyish brown, vertex orange-yellow. Thorax greyish brown. Forewing greyish brown and light yellow. Hindwing light yellow. Abdomen greyish brown dorsally, posterior fringe light yellow laterally; yellowish white ventrally.

Thorax orange with greyish brown longitudinal medial and lateral stripe. Forewing greyish brown with orange markings. Hindwing orange and dark greyish brown. Segment 1 of abdomen dark greyish brown dorsally, segments 2 and 3 greyish brown with orange transverse bar on each side, 4-6 dark greyish brown but iridescent blue medially and laterally, 7 iridescent blue. Segments 2-6 ventrally orange-yellow medially except for posterior margin of each segment, dark greyish brown laterally with iridescent blue patch posteriorly, 7 dark greyish brown.

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