America's Midlife Crisis: The Future of a Troubled by Gary R. Weaver;Adam Mendelson

By Gary R. Weaver;Adam Mendelson

Anything has occurred to the basic nature of yankee culture...a midlife crisis.Recently observers have famous a seismic shift some distance past basic cyclic alterations in tradition and traits in the US. Following September eleven, the U.S., now not convinced within the security of 2 enormous oceans, a robust army constitution and a dominant financial system, constructed guidelines and practices that exclude foreigners and appear to violate easy civil rights assured lower than the structure. After many years of the ebb and circulation of isolationism and expansionism, the united states took a inflexible new tack that hasn't been reversed yet.What's taking place in the USA? And extra importantly, why? America's Midlife situation examines the heritage and tradition of the rustic at a very important element in its improvement. From immigration to to international impression, this booklet captures the values, ideals and behaviors of an more and more advanced society that's suffering to carve out its position in a brand new international order.ContentsIntroduction1 American nationwide tradition: a question of tradition and History2 what's the American tradition and what's a customary American?3 Melting Pots to Mosaics: Race and Immigration4 From John Winthrop to John Wayne: Exceptionalism, Self-Reliance, and Cowboy Values5 do not simply Stand There, Do Something!6 American Civic Culture7 Prosperity at domestic, status in a foreign country: international Policy8 What Holds the United States jointly additionally Tears it Apart9 a countrywide Midlife concern? the place can we cross from Here?BibliographyIndex

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And yet these components are interrelated and impact each other. The whole is much more than simply the sum of the parts. It is this “whole” that will be referred to as the “mainstream” or “dominant” culture of the United States. Realistic Cultural Empathy The economic, political, social, and personal behavior of the American people can only be understood within the context of their unique culture. The traditional beliefs and worldviews of the American people, and even the way they think and solve problems, are all shaped by their shared historical experiences and their common cultural values.

The Calvinists, Puritans, and other early Protestant settlers tended to look at the world in terms of dualistic opposites. They believed that we can easily distinguish between good and evil, the body and soul, or angels and devils, and that these forces are at war with each other; they are totally incompatible and mutually exclusive. These religious beliefs held that there was Heaven and Hell, and that there were no in-betweens such as Purgatory and Limbo as were described in Roman Catholicism.

They already valued individualism or they would never have left the collective security of their extended families and communities in Europe. Rather than glorifying the past, they believed that the future would get better if they came to the New World and they were willing to leave the past. And many wanted a more democratic society without the political oppression of monarchs. qxp 7/1/08 2:27 PM Page 26 AMERICA’S MID ★ LIFE CRISIS European Tragedy versus American Melodrama If an average American went to Europe and watched the popular movies and television shows, read the popular novels, or even went to a few operas, he or she likely would conclude that when Europeans look at world events they see tragedy, like the old Greek tragedies where good people sometimes do bad things and bad people sometimes do good things.

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