America's Longest War: Rethinking Our Tragic Crusade Against by Steven B. Duke

By Steven B. Duke

A glance on the failed "war on medicines" asks and solutions such questions as why are we combating this battle? Is it winnable? will we make the US a drug-free society? Is drug prohibition the reason for crime? and different questions.

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Dutton, 1989), 36. 5 A short-lived fad arose in South Florida in 1990. Someone allegedly discovered that the slime secreted by the Florida cane toad causes hallucinations, and “toadlicking” was added to the language to describe a new means of getting high. See James A. Inciardi, The War on Drugs II (Mountain View, California: Mayfield Publishing Company, 1992), 283. 4 14 Steven B. Duke and Albert C. Gross—America’s Longest War [e-reads] amphetamines and contributed to the stampede into cocaine in the 1970s.

55 Half of the Americans now living who once smoked have quit. Still, there are 50 million cigarette smokers left in American society, with a life expectancy far lower than that of nonsmokers. To summarize: considering the current 50 million American smokers as the relevant population “at risk,” the evidence shows that they are risking approximately 400,000 deaths per year, at a financial cost of $107 billion, for an annual cigarette-caused death rate of almost seven per thousand smokers and an annual financial cost of more than $2,000 per smoker.

27 James H. Barron, “Smoke Signals in Eastern Europe,” Christian Science Monitor, 23 October 1990; and Editorial, “Marlboros Instead of Manna,” Chicago Tribune, 18 September 1990. 28 “Ill Effects Force Easing of Ban on Prison Smoking,” New York Times, National, 26 November 1992. 22 23 27 Steven B. Duke and Albert C. Gross—America’s Longest War [e-reads] only 15th in the world in their per capita consumption of cigarettes (well behind America, which ranks 6th), panicked. ” Smokers created miles of stalled traffic while driving to Switzerland and France to buy tobacco.

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