American Idioms and Some Phrases Just for Fun (ESL Series) by Edward Swick

By Edward Swick

ESL scholars taking intermediate-level classes will locate this e-book a necessary complement to their lecture room textbook. simply as very important, they will see it as a competent advisor to the intricacies of idiomatic American English. Why, in any case, should still a newcomer to the English language be anticipated to make feel out of such words as get at the ball...make a beeline...have a bone to select? those and dozens extra words are defined, "translated" into extra formal English, and repeated in a variety of contexts.

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Man, what a day! It's perfect for a picnic. html (2 of 2) [12/30/2007 12:47:03 PM] Document Page 12 51 To Get at (Something) This use of to get says that someone is implying something or is trying to bring up a certain subject. I don't know what you're talking about. What are you getting at? If you're trying to get at the reason for my anger, you're going to have to speak more kindly. 52 To Get over Someone/Something This use of to get says that someone is no longer interested in another person or a thing.

92 Red Tape This expression is used to say that governments and other official institutions have too many complicated procedures or too many difficult forms to be filled out in order to use one of their services. All I want is a tax formwhy all this red tape? The administrator's office kept us tied up in red tape for hours. 93 Right Away This is an adverbial expression that can be used as a replacement for immediately. I think you'd better get home right away. Mother is very sick. She said she wanted to return the gift right away.

I don't care if we go skiing or sledding. To me it's six of one and a half a dozen of the other. Stick-in-the-Mud This phrase can mean that you are just no fun or not able to change from your serious nature. Don't invite Bill. He's such a stick-in-the-mud. That's the Straw That Broke the Camel's Back/That's the Last Straw These two phrases are quite similar. They are used to say that something was the final problem and that someone no longer has any patience to endure it. You want another hundred dollars?

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