13th Age: Core Book by Pelgrane Press

By Pelgrane Press

Thirteenth Age combines the easiest elements of conventional d20-rolling fable gaming with new story-focused principles, designed so that you can run the type of online game you so much are looking to play together with your team. Created by means of Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, thirteenth Age can provide all of the instruments you must make distinctive characters who're instantly embedded within the atmosphere in vital methods; speedy organize adventures in response to the desktops’ backgrounds and pursuits; create your personal monsters; struggle intriguing battles; and concentrate on what’s continuously been cool and enjoyable approximately fable experience gaming:
• Icon relationships and One precise issues provide fascinating storytelling possibilities
• Backgrounds supply an easy, versatile ability procedure drawn from characters’ own histories
• Escalation cube let enjoyable, fast-moving d20 combat.
• Owlbears will rip PC’s limbs off to feed their young.

About thirteenth Age
In the thirteenth Age of the area, adventurers search their fortunes within the Dragon Empire whereas robust participants referred to as Icons pursue pursuits that can defend the empire from chaos, or ship it over the edge.
Players come to a decision which Icons their characters best friend with, and which of them they oppose. those relationships, besides a private background and a distinct trait selected in the course of personality production, aid outline an adventurer’s position on the planet of thirteenth Age and lay the foundation for epic tales that emerge via play.
There also are enjoyable new ideas for hitting orcs and making them move splat.

“Our target with thirteenth Age is to recapture the free-wheeling variety of old-school gaming by way of making a online game with extra soul and less technical information. …13th Age makes the play group’s crusade the guts of recognition, with a toolkit of principles so that you can choose and select from in response to the type of video game you must play. The mechanics draw from vintage video games in addition to more moderen, story-based games.” – Jonathan Tweet, co-designer

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Often. In addition to aid from others, icon relationships provide characters with special knowledge. For example, if the heroes are character rules exploring an ancient graveyard, a player with any relationship to the Lich King, positive, conflicted, or negative, might be able to discern some important pattern or underlying structure of the tombs that the group wants to know more about, or that will help the group achieve their goal. A negative relationship with a thoroughly villainous icon is more in keeping with the heroic lifestyle, but you should expect that the assistance you get from a negative relationship may end up being more directly confrontational than more conventional conflicted and positive relationships.

Characters who are unique tend to have an impact on people and on magical events, so if plots in the story are afoot because of your existence, it’s certainly also the case your one unique thing may provide unexpected resources for you or the GM to create and suggest during play. Hints of power: Some uniques can suggest that there are powers that might be associated with the character’s unique status or strange history. The suggestion and the possibility are fine—this is the stuff that fantasy protagonists are made of, the hint that they might be capable of extraordinary things.

We let all your skill checks increase by 1 when you level up. If you want even better skill checks, take the Further Backgrounding feat (page 44). You can match the story of your character by picking up a new background or improving a background you already have. If you just want to move around the bonuses you already have to show how your character is changing, you can move one background point around among your current backgrounds each time you gain a level, or swap the point into an entirely new background, with the GM’s permission.

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